Welcome to IFRI-TRYV where we provide innovative ways to improve productivity and provide stability for underprivileged and underserved BIPOC businesses by “changing the mindset for prosperity”.

Are you a business owner or an aspiring business owner in Hennepin County? If so, Elevate HennepinSM is for you! Through IFRI-TRYV’s partnership with Hennepin County’s Elevate Hennepin program, our role includes providing business coaching and planning services  to business owners and entrepreneurs that are at the idea and early stages of their business.  We are proud to say that we’ve been a part of serving over 2,300 businesses in Hennepin County which has equated to over 9,500 hours of technical assistance.  Whether you have an idea, are just starting out, or your business is up and running, Elevate HennepinSM offers opportunities for your businesses to succeed and grow. Businesses can get up to 25 hours of service from IFRI-TRYV or each of the 30+ advisors in the Elevate HennepinSM  ecosystem.  Service areas include:

  • Legal 
  • Marketing 
  • Business and Strategic planning 
  • Access to capital
  • Accounting, finance and bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Interested in learning more? Click the link below to schedule a consultation with us to learn more about small business support.

Introducing the “BIPOC Business Clinic”….

The “BIPOC Business Clinic” was established to diagnose the root cause of the roadblocks and bottlenecks a business owner is facing in the current business climate, implement preventative measures and provide sustainable remediation plans that will set that business owner up for success.  The goal of the clinic is to transition the entrepreneur mindset for prosperity.

Interested in Learning More?

Count down to the 3rd Annual BIPOC Business Expo!!!


2024 BIPOC Business ExPO

Join us for the 3rd Annual BIPOC Business Expo!!!

This year’s expo; under the theme “Setting up your business for success” will feature The BIPOC Business Resource Center and The First BIPOC Business Awards. The resource center exhibits governmental,  public and private entities that are intentional about providing resources aimed at empowering BIPOC  business owners to set up their business for success. These resources include business planning, marketing, finance, access to capital, legal and so much more! This is an opportunity for business owners to meet with stakeholders in person, learn about the products and services they offer and build meaningful connections.  During the awards, eligible business owners will participate in a raffle draw and have a chance at winning a cash prize.

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