FREE Financial Accountability Course through IFRI’s BIPOC Business Clinic!!!

SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY COURSE TODAY‼️  Our financial accountability course is a FREE three-week course that will be held once a week starting Wednesday October 5, 2022 for two hours. The goal of the course is to support BIPOC entrepreneurs, transform their mindset and business practice for prosperity.  Realizing the barriers when accessing capital, our mission is to put BIPOC business owners in a financial position so that they can never be told “NO”! The “BIPOC Business Clinic” was established to diagnose the root cause of the roadblocks and bottlenecks a business owner is facing in the current business climate, implement preventative measures and provide sustainable remediation plans that will set the entrepreneur up for success.  

See the flyer for more information or click the link to register. Financial Accountability Course Sign-up – IFRI LLC

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